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Message Subject Why are we still waiting ?
Poster Handle Avalonia
Post Content
Tempting... but it will evolve and we will face the same sleeping worlds at some point...


 Quoting: Avalonia

ok i guess you win hf

i dunno what im waiting for i guess myself to realise and do something? been stuck in the sameplace for a very longtime so the end must be near wave
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25686369

Hahaha :))

Sorry, but i can't stop laughing. Those waving colors are driving me happy :-D

Many of us are waiting for a trigger (event) that will put things in motion in a way that cannot be stopped, the way that will change the whole world.

My question is:
Do we have to wait for this trigger to come from outside of ous (on clouds, on hills, on waves, on spaceships) ?
Or do we have to find this trigger in us and start acting for our own changes that will drive obviously to a planetary changenment ?

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