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Message Subject Why are we still waiting ?
Poster Handle Agent144/Unimatrix0
Post Content
I am waiting because I live on the streets without a single cent to my name; and I don't intend to invest myself into the structure which is on the verge of collapsing.

Now, if there was anyone interested in seeing things be corrected; the unfoldment of timelines within the spatial field - then I might once and for all be out of this 'holding pattern' / 'null zone'.

I am not going to enslave myself under the auspices of the planetary power pyramid, I would rather suffer & live on the streets - eat out of the trash.

I wait for you to wake up; I did my work; have given of my self essence freely - asking for nothing in reciprocation; there simply isn't a support structure that exists upon this planet for people like mysef ...

I work for those who designed the core at the central axis of the entirety; which the entirety emanates out of.

Their payment plan doesn't exist upon earth at this time ...

I've done my job otherwise, it's a thankless pursuit.

[link to uenc2012.blogspot.com]
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