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Message Subject Why are we still waiting ?
Poster Handle DoubleHelix
Post Content
I am waiting because I live on the streets without a single cent to my name; and I don't intend to invest myself into the structure which is on the verge of collapsing.

Now, if there was anyone interested in seeing things be corrected; the unfoldment of timelines within the spatial field - then I might once and for all be out of this 'holding pattern' / 'null zone'.

I am not going to enslave myself under the auspices of the planetary power pyramid, I would rather suffer & live on the streets - eat out of the trash.

I wait for you to wake up; I did my work; have given of my self essence freely - asking for nothing in reciprocation; there simply isn't a support structure that exists upon this planet for people like mysef ...

I work for those who designed the core at the central axis of the entirety; which the entirety emanates out of.

Their payment plan doesn't exist upon earth at this time ...

I've done my job otherwise, it's a thankless pursuit.

[link to uenc2012.blogspot.com]
 Quoting: Agent144/Unimatrix0 963968

It may be thankless now. but you are not alone. i may not be on the streets but i will be with nature totally soon. And so will you. You can be with nature also, and live with the growing culture now. You know where to find them. Why wait on the streets when you can meet in the woods bro?
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