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Message Subject Why are we still waiting ?
Poster Handle Avalonia
Post Content
be in the now and you will know

yes a magnetic pole shift is coming, who knows exactly when

but for now, try to live in the moment and embrace God within your heart

open your heart

sun gaze

walk in nature

eat some shrooms



join a spiritual club

spread the peace

spread the love

what else can you do?

it's not about doing anyways, it's about being
 Quoting: jacksprat

I am Now.
I live alive.
I embrace all the creation in my mind and i try to love everything born in this creation.
I don't bow to G0Ds and i don't pray them.
I thank the One Creator for all the beauty developed in this-his-our creation.
My heart is so open that many times i have to gather the pieces and stick them together again.
I sungaze from time to time, i walk in nature, i eat mushrooms when i feel the need to eat them, not shrooms.
I don't join spiritual clubs because my path is in me.
I can spread love and maybe i do it.
Do i spread peace ? I don't know... i might spread some comfort.
What is peace ?
Why everybody talks about peace ?
Can peace exist without a war ?
Keeping the motion does it mean to live in a state of peace forever ?

What else can I do ?
Many other things.

And the first of the things to do while living alive is TO FEEL.

I live for all my e-motions,
I live to learn to transform the lower e-motions.
I live to enjoy life while feeling e-motions.

But drived by emotions i can do many other things.

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