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Message Subject Weed legal ... What next?!?
Poster Handle Elchemist
Post Content
cannabis oil cures cancer.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27229849

I put Cannabis Oil on some moles on my arm and it killed them.

So I guess Rick Simpson is right...

When I had first hand knowledge that it was the truth I wanted to take things to the next step.

So I made an Alchemical Spagyric out of the Cannabis Plant.

I calcined plant matter till I was left with ashes, from which I dissolved and put into a solution of water to separate from the dead earth its salt which is the body of a plant stone.

Then I used a rectified spirit of mercury to extract the Sulfur from fresh plant material.

I obtained a very high amount of Sulfur.

It was of good quality.

I then joined the purified salt with the sulfur through the messenger of mercury.

I put these together in an alchemical flask and set it to digest in the heat of the first degree.

This is what I saw.

The salt started to darken as it drew the sulfur into itself.

It began a process of putrefaction which in alchemy is the agent of change and rebirth.

As the salt got darker and darker I watched.

Then one day the work was Complete.

The salt had dissolved and created a new layer in the flask. It was below the left over mercury and sulfur.

I put this Plant Stone into a Small Glass Vial.

Any alchemist have any idea what I have made ?

I know its something that has not existed in a very long time....
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