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Message Subject Weed legal ... What next?!?
Poster Handle Indego
Post Content
cannabis oil cures cancer.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27229849

I put Cannabis Oil on some moles on my arm and it killed them.

So I guess Rick Simpson is right...

When I had first hand knowledge that it was the truth I wanted to take things to the next step.

So I made an Alchemical Spagyric out of the Cannabis Plant.

I calcined plant matter till I was left with ashes, from which I dissolved and put into a solution of water to separate from the dead earth its salt which is the body of a plant stone.

Then I used a rectified spirit of mercury to extract the Sulfur from fresh plant material.

I obtained a very high amount of Sulfur.

It was of good quality.

What tests have you done on the substance ?
It sound like you took the really long indirect way of "making brownies "
The fun in something new is the experiments that you do with it ... And there are so many and with healing helpful attributes it is going to be more of a pleasure than a chore in fact it will open new courses of study in levels of education ranging from the elementary to the doctoral wich again means a stimulation of the economic structure of this great nation that would give us the freedoms and liberties to start the exploration of this new and enlightening field of of study.

I then joined the purified salt with the sulfur through the messenger of mercury.

I put these together in an alchemical flask and set it to digest in the heat of the first degree.

This is what I saw.

The salt started to darken as it drew the sulfur into itself.

It began a process of putrefaction which in alchemy is the agent of change and rebirth.

As the salt got darker and darker I watched.

Then one day the work was Complete.

The salt had dissolved and created a new layer in the flask. It was below the left over mercury and sulfur.

I put this Plant Stone into a Small Glass Vial.

Any alchemist have any idea what I have made ?

I know its something that has not existed in a very long time....
 Quoting: Elchemist 15740069
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