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Controlled by the dumbed-down and welfare leeches, America will never recover

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11/07/2012 08:02 PM
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Controlled by the dumbed-down and welfare leeches, America will never recover
America is on a one-way street to the bottom.

The majority of its population has an awareness than does not extend beyond the edge of their KFC bucket, smartphone screen or video console. Curiosity motivates people to learn, and most Americans are no longer curious about anything aside from the latest celebrity gossip. Even those who feel the need to learn rarely have the necessary attention span.

The majority of people (I won't say families because family is on the way out too) are now taking from the government (i.e. from those who still want to work.) In all future elections, this majority will outnumber the workers who want to keep some of their money.

And with whites soon to be a minority, it's game over. As Drudge writes, there are not enough "Angry white men". This is not a racist thing -- it's about there not being enough people around anymore with the motivation, intelligence, education and willpower to turn things around. Look at what has happened in Africa after the whites were kicked out.

American society is slowly settling at the bottom of the barrel as a useless, nondescript layer of unproductiveness. It can't depend on a handful of major exporting companies such as Apple and Microsoft for revenue, who will in any case eventually be bested by Asia.

I see an outcome of defaults by a government that can no longer pay its debts, hyperinflation of a currency that is being printed to death, and all out civil war when welfare recipients are no longer able to depend on others' money because there simply isn't any.

My advice: Get out now. Move to a country that does not have a welfare system. A country in which it's basically "work, have friends, or starve." People in such a country still know what work is. They know how to survive.