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Please Listen to ME!!

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11/07/2012 09:13 PM
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Please Listen to ME!!
I know you do not know me and have no reason to give these words a second thought. I am just a total stranger on a whack job conspiracy forum rambling off garbage no one cares about really. Just another waste of time in your otherwise dull day.

That is WHY you should listen to me.

Most of you are the bottom tier of society. Most of you are pretty much the rejected. None of you would be listened to in any civilized conversation outside this forum.

Yet, I CHOSE YOU to go to with my message.

Do you know why?

Because you are PAYING ATTENTION!

Because YOU want the TRUTH.

I am not a nobody.

My name given to me in this world is Arthur.

I am a Junior.

Throughout my life I have been in many circles and been given many names by the family I built in those circles.

Little Bear
Tata Ngombe en Toto
etc. etc.

Those names and any other name anyone can give me is not important. What I have to say is of GREAT importance.

I am not saying it for fame.
I am not saying it for fortune.
I am not saying it for your adoration.

I am saying it because I care for you and I care for your children's, children's, children.

I served 14 years in the Marine Corps having left in 2006.

I have seen the world in that time.

I attended Boy's State in my youth which is a program administered by the American Legion to prep young men for future political office.

I became a Freemason and I sat in the East as Master of the Lodge. 6 months in the East and I stepped down to devote time to a combat stressed Brother. During this time, I was suspended from the craft.

I am an initiated Priest in the African-Cuban tradition of Palomayombe. Tata Ngombe en Toto is the name I was given. It means "Father King of the Earth".

I do not care what about any of this personally. I mention it as disclosure to those who care about such things.

All I ask for is some serious consideration to my words here.

Now look around you. Take a deep breath in and feel the weight of the world upon you.

I ask you this, is this the very best we can do?

This world IS our creation you know. The world of governments and control that is. We created it all. Japanese? Created by man. Chinese? created by man. American? created by man. Republican? created by man.

All of that and more, are our creations that crush us.

If you blow it all away, we are just Man, the Heavens, and the Earth.

Are we doing the best we can with what we have?

I am not talking about material things. Fuck em. They come and they go.

All you really have is yourself.

That's it.

Are you doing the very best you can with yourself?

If you were beaten to the point of death and left in a gutter, would anyone care to help you?

Would you care to help anyone else?

YOU determine what part you are going to play.

There is no scape goat.

In the end, it is to those you love that you will look to in the eye and say, "This is the world I made for you."

If you have no loved one, this may be a pleasant release. I am truly sorry life has been so unkind to you. If ever I have the chance to change that, I will be one friend who will defend you. I blame none for their callousness when the world is dog eat dog. I know your struggles.

There comes a time when enough is enough.

So tell me, is this the world you want?

With Love,

Your Brother
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