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Message Subject The Election Was Obviously Rigged and No One Is Even talking about It
Poster Handle all_the_kings_horses
Post Content
Fucking stupid sheeple.It was so obvious.Romney was up and then something switched.hell some states hadn't even closed and they were already calling for Obama.This was all orchestrated.We are now officially undwer a dictatorship and the sheeple bleat on.The coup to install the NWO and destroy the U.S was officially completed last night.Romney's speech afterward told me all I needed to know.What a fucking pussy he is.He stood down like the NWO pimp he is.bump
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 57407

Romney was intimidated. Didn't you see the look on his face when Candy Crowley LIED and told him Obama DID say it was a terrorist attack at the White House on Sept. 12th? He was flabbergast that they could just outright lie and get away with it. He backed down and stayed down after that gambling if he could win without going after Benghazi. He gambled wrong. I don't believe he is a NWO pimp, but I do believe he tried to win without going for Obama's throat so as not to turn off the airhead independants. Like I said, he gambled wrong - then Sandy came in and somehow, even though it was another Katrina, Obama came out looking like a grand leader.

Romney held off calling Obama last night. They said he had not even WRITTEN a concession speech. Who would? With so many unemployed and the economy in freefall, as someone said on here, even a box should have beat Obama.

The problem with many Conservatives is that they are really good people and naive about what is coming at them. Then when the shit hits them, they back down gracefully and crawl back into their shelter. They don't know when to say "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore" or "This election was rigged arsholes!"
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20926074

I agree.....an empty box should have bet Obama. Except in Hawaii and among blacks and Mexicans. But Romney shot himself in both legs more than once.
It was a big mistake to Run with Paul Ryan. If Romney had half of a brain he would have picked a minority female as his VP mate. Even 4 years ago McCain had enough brains to at least pick a women to run for VP.

And the big "R" talked far too much about his utter contempt for the poor, God that was stupid ass hell.

Someone should bought him a roll of "DUCT TAPE" to use on his mouth(it might have got him into the white house).

Romney reeks of hate for non whites and the poor. And he does not even hide it.
So I would have to say that Romney was selected to run because the people behind the curtain KNEW that when he is force to work among minorities and the poor he is his own worst enemy.
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