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Message Subject The Election Was Obviously Rigged and No One Is Even talking about It
Poster Handle all_the_kings_horses
Post Content
Remember Obama often talked about his deep love and respect for old man BUSH. BUSH Sr. was working high in the CIA when JFK lost half of his head in the back seat of a car driven by the secret service in Dallas. Later old "w" ran the white house while Reagan pretended to be President, then he took over the whole "house" for a term. His last assignment involved making sure his son George W Bush won the Election against Gore.And Jeb was Governor Of Florida just in time! With all of Bushs connections POP got the Supremes to give his son the keys to the white house.
Funny thing happened when Obama took over after BUSH. Obama Blocked all attempts to bring George bush the young to justice for the hundreds of assorted laws he willfully broke and crimes he committed during his 8 year reign of Terror.

Obama also publicly let the CIA off the hook for its program of torture and secret prisons world wide.
So guess who gets re elected. I mean it was Karl Rove vs. the CIA and guess who was gonna win? Wait a month or two....no doubt revelations will come to the surface.
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