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Message Subject The Election Was Obviously Rigged and No One Is Even talking about It
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Everytime there are elections in the US,
the side that looses blames it on the "fact" the
elections are rigged.

So looking at the last four electons basically first the Republicans where fucked,
now the Democrats are fucked.

So simplified you are all fucking eachother.

Stop whining, and accept you lost this time.
Next time you'll be the ones doing the rigging again, and you'll win

When it comes down to politics....your always fucked.
 Quoting: octavium 1578316

No. This one was totally obvious. EVERYONE I know is talking about this. This was a coup. Welcome to the NWO and Venezuela.

The America we knew is almost dead. It's just a matter of putting a few nails in the coffin.

These people must be laughing their asses off...

Now. What are we going to do about it?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26741443

Idiot, of course they are going to say that if they wanted Romnay to win, everyone i know from both sides didnt want to vote for a Millionair Mormon who hates the poor and is clearly a Racist. do you understand how much Christians dislike Mormons ?.

He was never going to win, he was a patsy to stop Ron Paul getting through, because Ron Paul was a larger threat to corperate control on the US war machine and US attempts at world controll.
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