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Message Subject The Election Was Obviously Rigged and No One Is Even talking about It
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
There are only two people in America who could have lost to the negroid. Romney was one, Gingrich was the other. You could have beat Obama, even if you're 5 feet tall, studder and are ugly as Sarkosy.

You want to know what beat Romney? It was the numerous times he said himself that he doesn't give a shit about the poor. Half the people in America are poor or unemployed or both poor.

Just once he should have promised to give those people some fucking jobs. Not some trickle-down bullshit, a real promise with a real plan to back it. I would have suggested protectionism, but we both know Romney and his friends are never going to promise not to ship any more of your jobs to China, let alone bring any back.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 8343252

For once somebody who is not American makes a valid point aboot our elections eh. What could have tanked Obama was a candidate who presented a thorough jobs plan. . .If Romney really wanted to win, he would have written up a 10-point plan and gone into detail about how he was going to bring jobs back to America and put millions of people back into high paying jobs within 2 years. I mean concrete stuff, not the expected rhetoric. Everybody was saying 'Oh yeah he's a businessman he knows how to turn things around and make failing companies profitable' well instead of talking like a fucking BUSINESSMAN Romney tried to play politician, and played it like a fucking AMATEUR. Had he talked like a true CEO he would have absolutely DESTROYED Obama on that issue alone. Checkmate style. Romney isn't even a good actor. . .All I got from his performances was that his EGO wanted to be president. His hair was always nice and plasticy, his wife was always overly made-up and fake smiley but he never did what he needed to do to win.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26191271

I'm confused by this argument.

First of all, Romney DID promise protectionism. Well to a limited extent anyway. Did you want him to say "close the borders"? Unfortunately the Republicans would never nominate anyone on that platform. That used to be a Democratic plank, when the Dems used to stand for something.

What about the first debate? It wasn't easy to do what Romney did there. He outsmarted and wrong-footed Obama over and over, and Obama is not dumb. Just going in there with a lot of emotion would have resulted in an Obama win. None of the other R candidates, or much of anyone else, could have done what Romney did in the debates. Actually Romney would have been a brilliant President.

Yeah 47% hurt, but compared to all of Obama's fuckups, and the treasonous behavior in Benghazi -- which Romney did mention (to my surprise) -- I don't think the difference.

Well I think the difference was that indeed it was rigged. Romney conceded way too fast, with the military vote still not in and eminently challenge-able.
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