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Message Subject The Election Was Obviously Rigged and No One Is Even talking about It
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Boo hoo. No one shares your crazy neoconservative views, so the election must be rigged. The polls tried to warn you all the way until election day, but you refused to listen.
 Quoting: a helpless lamb

excuse me, a lot of people share that view and there are reasons for that view. the polls showed that it was close, not that obama was going to win. romney made obama look like a fool in the debates, and after the debates only a fool would have voted for obama. everybody knew that obama had done nothing in 4 years to fix the economy but probably made it worse. obama was such a dingaling that foreign leaders wouldn't shake his hand. we have plenty of reason to believe this fraud from kenya, who grew up in indonesia, visited pakistan when it was closed to us citizens, and got a student loan because he was a foreigner, got this election rigged by the same political machine that groomed him and got him elected the last time even though he had the weakest of qualifications there ever has been of any candidate.

you're a shill. what are you up to?
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