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Message Subject The Election Was Obviously Rigged and No One Is Even talking about It
Poster Handle Man of Truth
Post Content
Rigged, yes. If you consider winning a majority of electoral votes by way of a majority of citizens voting for Obama in the proper states "rigging" than yes. Those of us with intelligence, (in other words, people who are NOT conservative) call it winning an election. Actually we call it kicking the crap out of Romney. As in blow out. As in landslide. As in we all knew where it was going by 10:00PM. As in goodbye.

I have no problem calling 65 or so million Americans stupid. There was never a single intelligent reason ever given for voting for Mitt Romney other then "I hate Obama." What is Romney's healthcare stance? "I hate Obama". What is his view on taxes? "I hate Obama". Foriegn policy thoughts? "I hate Obama." 65 million people and not a one of them could give a single, cogent, intelligent answer as to why they voted for this scheming liar, Mitt Romney. No reason that is, other than three little words... "I hate Obama."

Year of that. Billions of dollars. 65 million idiots. And NOT ONE ANSWER to why to vote for Mitt Romney other than "I hate Obama".

They say Romney is shell shocked at the loss. that he expected so much to win he didn't even write a concession speech, and had his victory website ready. They say it was like a guy blow to him, and that his wife has gone about half nuts with grief over the loss.

GOOD! I hope both of them suffer tortuous mental anguish over this for a good long time. They deserve it.
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