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Message Subject Video: "Alert earth bound disaster imminent less than 5 weeks away"
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Sigh. When will people stop with all the doom and gloom.

Call it whatever you want, imminent event, cosmic wave, Mayan 2012 calendar event, etc etc. Just because something is unknown to us, doesnt make it bad or means it is bad.

People tend to fear the unknown, most of the time when they absolutely shouldnt. Your first trip to the dentist you were probably terrified because it was unknown to you, but you now probably realize its not a big deal.

So all these doom and gloom 2012'ers are foolish in thinking the worst. Only three things might happen.

#1: Nothing will happen

#2: Something bad might happen

#3: Something good might happen

All three are totally out of your control, so why worry about it or give it your time and energy worrying or wondering.

For all we know this earth bound event may engulf the planet and make us all immortal, change our very existence and reality, or maybe energize our minds to go beyond what we think is possible. When it comes to unknowns, anything is possible.

Just live your life and what ever falls on your plate deal with it at the time it does, otherwise you are simply wasting your time and energy worrying and wondering.
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