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Message Subject Video: "Alert earth bound disaster imminent less than 5 weeks away"
Poster Handle grefey
Post Content
Galactic Wave arrives sometime between Dec 19-23 and will make our Sun expand. yoda
 Quoting: Solar Guardian

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26520906

[link to www.youtube.com]

Interesting video saying the interstellar cloud will result in our sun turning into a red dwarf. It will result in a "KNOWING" like occurrence on earth, the author alleges. It rang true to me. So we need to prepare physically and spiritually. TPTB have known for a long time this was coming and have been preparing with underground bases, etc. I believe 911 was symbolic of what is coming and was intentional to put the world in a National Security State and to heighten our awareness. They were telling us it was the 11th hour or that Atlas the god that holds up the pillars of the world had let go as in "Atlas Shrugged".
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