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I predicted Benghazi - proof

User ID: 1237331
United States
11/07/2012 11:37 PM
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I predicted Benghazi - proof
On the site that starts with an L and is an out post. Can't link to it.

Proof can be found on a thread called "Something is going to happen today." by 1N5URGENT.

Below is the exact words from the thread.


"It's really just a whim. Perhaps I'm messing w/ you.

But think about it. Today is 9/11's 11th anniversary. And it's the year 2012 after all.

I asked my friend what time he thinks it will happen and he said half jokingly 6:37 PM NY time, so I'm posting this in a hurry. I mean, it was a joke but what if it does?! If it happens we'd be in so much trouble for knowing about it, even though it's just a feeling..."


You should find the thread and read it. It's really ironic because everyone was ridiculing the prediction and then they never acknowledged it after it happened... I have not made a doom prediction since 2010 when the "mystery missile" flew over california. Never been, strictly speaking, wrong.