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Message Subject Why do I feel like I'm getting signs from God?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I know this is delicate for you, and by all means take any advice you ask for with a grain of salt...

But what do you think about yourself? Would be a good starting point. Are you a stable, balanced person?
 Quoting: Cheshire~Cat

Yes, I am pretty stable. Most of my problems relationship problems from my insecurities. I believe I am "good looking". But when I was little I was over weight and was teased very much and I also had a speech problem with my S's. Today I am not over weight by any means and I don't have that speech problems, other than my voice isn't very loud and I tend to mumble sometimes. Interesting enough when my parents bought me a puppy I wanted to name him mumble and I didn't even know why. My parents probably knew I said mumble and thought I said Mambo and thought it was a fantastic name lol.
Anyways I am working out very efficiently (eating right, HIIT training,walking on the treadmill if I'm on the computer which is a lot, resistance training) and and I am seeing the results pretty quickly. I guess it is.. if I can't love myself how do I expect to love others. All this I'm doing is just to better myself and I know letting something bother me like that is childish but its something I feel I must do.

But I'm trying to grasp is the synchronicities I am becoming aware of in this whole process.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27286012

Don't forget that all attraction is a cognitive distortion....it's created by you to find meaning through the transference authority figure female type.

This is the best thing for you....now you are free of grovel ing or sucking up to stuff that was annoying.............next.

Time for the next illusion named Betty.

Next.....next......say the word......next illusion.
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