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Message Subject Why do I feel like I'm getting signs from God?
Poster Handle German_Lad
Post Content
Hello OP.
What you described sounds a lot like my situation over one year ago.
I quit with my Girlfriend because i felt deep down, we were in some form of co-dependency and it would be best for both to get some time on our own hands - to grow - and then find back together.

4 Months after the breakup - (i was in cardio training and diet) - I had a full blown spiritual experience with information streaming down/from within like crystal clear intuition/inner voice (i did not hear the voice). It was intuitive.

It started like: The following information is for you in this time of your life:
The First Law is: You have free will. (resonated deep within and seems like the oldest part of me imprinted long ago).

I was desperate, had no intention to kill myself
and my "free will" was not giving any orientation to the universe - no clear intentions.

My research began AFTER the exp.
To check if these universal rules are for everybody or
my mind playing tricks on me.

I will not try to convince or disturb your way with anything. I would give you one hint:

I lost connection to my true inner core.
And NOTHING outside of you will fill this gap.

google the Spiritual Emergence Network

Your way is upon you.
Negative Thoughts become habits not serving your being.
Thinking about Doom is in some form an addiction.

best blessings
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