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Message Subject Why do I feel like I'm getting signs from God?
Poster Handle ANHEDONIC
Post Content
Do you know what happens to Amish teenagers who decide not to return to the church and decide to live outside of the Amish community? Ask them..

They get a big dirty diaper of shunnin from all...
gotta eat in the other room all alone and be quiet :(
 Quoting: g3p0

Only because they chose not to be Amish. If they chose that path why would they care about what the Amish community thinks of them?

The Amish can't shun me if I live on the 60th floor above the city of Chicago watching the Cubs game with binoculars while sitting on my couch.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21931562

Families will disown their own children for choosing to leave the church. It's a cultural practice to shun anyone who decides to walk away from the church and the Amish community. You have to say good bye to your existing personal relationships with family & friends. It's pretty screwed up when you consider the enormous pressure of conformity within those communities and what young adults have to endure if they desire to pursue a life in the outside world. Just sayin'...
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