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Don't Tell Me I Have To Vote You Idiots!

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United States
11/08/2012 02:41 AM
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Don't Tell Me I Have To Vote You Idiots!
We are all adults, entitled to our own opinions and actions. My opinion is that the election is rigged, and I'm entitled to that opinion, if I don't vote, so what.

You ever notice how stupid wars still exist every freaking decade, and innocent people die, while all that money could have been used to help the homeless and the millions that die from starvation.

You can take your politics and shove them right where the sun the sun don't shine, because voting is a complete waste of time.

Your better off learning how to harvest wheat then go voting, better yet, learn what plants you can eat in a survival scenario.

Let me ask you hardcore voters one question, do you really think OBAMA or Romney would give a rats azz about helping you if you needed help with a job, money, transportation, or anything else?

HELL NO! if you sent them a letter tomorrow, they will put your azz on a no fly list and mark yo azz a terrorist.lmao