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Message Subject The SECRET HISTORY of the HUMAN RACE - "We have been here for 100 MILLION YEARS!"
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
We are investigating, what might have happened on Mars.
Religion is totally blocking our interests, what might have happened here on Earth.
Religion gave us a story set in stone and teached us forever, not to question it, else ...

Dont you think, it is slowly time, to unchain mankind and give us, what we deserve to know ?

My physical life ends - if it went the way it was for now - in about 30 years.
Then i reached todays "normal" lifespawn and my kids STILL learning Darvin in the school.

Ofcause, in the face of Superman, we are just a bunch of morons, but that doesnt make Superman a god.

And now, we have billions of Muslems, Christians and Budda's, nearly ALL people in the world belive in a god.

This is the answer, why...
Long ago, we could get older, about 10 times older, due to a slightly other atmosphere.
Something happend, Babel, whatever that was. A global change that erased another one of the many high developed civilizations on this planet.

Look at things, that are 50 years old, like i.e. WW2 Shelters.
Look at things that are 15.000 years old, like the Sphinx.

Imagine, how things look if they are 15 million years old, or 500 million years. These things practically dont exist anymore because the ongoing birth/death process by nature on this living Earth has eaten it all.

Now, we forgot everything and over that, we deny everything beside the story in our relegious books and writing, whatever one belives into.

Mankind is a tragic, we forgot about ourselfs, we forgot, that we are the gods and we are damned to die as kids, far before we can grow the real potential of our abilities, for example communication without words.

Whats left to teach our kids ?
Well, 100 years isnt mutch, what can a kid teach another kid ?

We would do good, if we start opening our minds and search for the real past on earth. The answers we gonna get out of that, will lead us automatically off earth, because we do not belong to this nature system here, we just made "the best out of it".

Mankind would benefit very mutch from the ancient knowledge.

 Quoting: Rawfox

We forget because we are suppose to forget--the past of this material world holds little relevance to your future.The souls who were here then have most probably developed to better places.
Earth is whats needed for us at this time. That is why we are here-now.
In short-the occupants of earth then are not the same as you and I now-we each had different lessons to learn or sentences to fulfill.

The objective is to be a better human being and earn your right off here in the next go.
You spend 60-100 years here.But all the ancients talk about how your soul is immortal.Act like it in your dealings with others.
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