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Message Subject The SECRET HISTORY of the HUMAN RACE - "We have been here for 100 MILLION YEARS!"
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Ron Wyatt was another scam artist
but thank God he's dead now
and his business partner
Kent Hovind is in prison
for tax fraud.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27293871

Actually, much of Wyatt's work has been confirmed by other teams.

Kent Hovind was railroaded in a rigged tax court, when ministries are tax exempt according to law & Constitution.

Both their work stands no matter where they are today.
 Quoting: - 27399706

Notice the critic revel in the death and imprisonment of Christians. Folks these are Communists with no interests in science truth only NWO propaganda about "bazzillions of years". He would make a good glugag camp guard in the USSR. Uncle Joe explains:


[link to archive.org]
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