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Message Subject The SECRET HISTORY of the HUMAN RACE - "We have been here for 100 MILLION YEARS!"
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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about 6000 years like the Bible says. all these dating methods such as the geocolumn have been discredited and debunked.

-polystrate fossils show the entire geocolumn and Grand Canyon were formed during a global flood that gave us the fossil record.

-the 'big bang' can be discredited right here on earth since baserock granite is not an igneous as they claim. it cannot be heated to a molten state and recooled and remain granite. the earth was never molten and neither were other planets. they simply did not form as big bangism claims.
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WOW... I didn't know is was possible to have so many misconceptions in one person.

It has been 14.5 billion years since the "Big Bang." The Earth has existed for about 4.5 billion years. The Sun is a middle-aged star; the planet will be be here another 4.5 billion years until it goes "red giant" and swallows all the stony inner planets. Humans have been here for at least 400,000 years or so. There have been a number of evolutionary bottle-necks, e.g., 70,000 years ago in the Toba Supervolcano event. This Toba event nearly fully extinguished humans... there were, perhaps, 3,000 left on the entire planet. Another was about 12,500 years ago; another about 10,000 years ago in the "Younger Dryas" when the Solutrians were wiped out of North America. There have been several high civilizations including at least two global technologically sophisticated civilizations. One of these came to an end in the 12,500 years ago culling. Atlantean civilization existed; remnants showed up in Egypt and the Olmecs.

Every 3,660 years there is a culling.

This one is due 2012 +- 10 years or so.

Look for an incoming space object to totally mess up your world.
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