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Message Subject The SECRET HISTORY of the HUMAN RACE - "We have been here for 100 MILLION YEARS!"
Poster Handle bvndy
Post Content
don't know how long humans have been here, but know that
civilization has been around a lot longer than previously thought.
Don't know why but these "ancient alien" dumbasses
seem to think humans are not capable of prehistoric wonders.
With the distance between stars, its a lot more likely
that a prehistoric empire, probably space faring,
created all of this and was wiped out about 11,000
years ago in a king hell nuclear war.
And maybe the spacefaring segment surrived.
A radioactive patch of ground in India, stories of
Atlantis, the grid pattern of ancient cities in
the American southwest, melted sections of stone blocks.
There is an unknown portion of human history, unk to
the general public, at least.
There are probably groups that do know about it, but are
keeping it secret for some reason.
All of this has happened before, and will happen again.
Ever heard that one before?
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