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Message Subject Why do you have a problem with people receiving GOV assistants but not corporations?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
A lot of you people here on GLP seem to think people on welfare(the vets, the disabled, the old, people who make under 20k) are the problem. But there is no outrage or anger for the companies who make billions yet find ways to stick their hands in the pot. When you come one here and make threads about people who receive "handouts" when most of them actually need all the help they can get but fail to mention companies who exploit gov assistants you look like a bunch of selective problem solving hypocrite. How can you sit behind your screen and bash these people yet turn the other way at the real problem. Its like the cop who would rather chase down someone peeing in an ally instead of the guy mugging down the street.

We need to do better.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4496880

Congrats for your thoughtful post. You are right; the problem is that government has turned into something like a senile rich grandparent, that the relatives seek to loot. The money will belong to the relatives eventually, but they are falling over themselves now, trying to grab what they can before the relative dies.

All the people and organizations that expect government to give them lots of stuff are more than misguided, they are dangerous to their own children and the rest of us.
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