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Message Subject Why do you have a problem with people receiving GOV assistants but not corporations?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
People don't complain too much about it because the amounts are so massive they cannot comprehend it. It causes cranial reboot and then they go onto something else.

Corporate welfare is also disguised. They call it "bailouts" or "job saving initiatives" or "tax incentives" or "cultural investments". In reality its taking from the productive to pump up the unproductive.

The drone factories (public school system) teaches the drones that this is OK. They can't relate to it so they never really think about it.

However, on a personal level, the drones can understand when someone is raping the system for $400 or $500 a month while they work under the table.

"It must be nice..." or "I shoudl just quite and go on welfare..." are the comments because they understand it.

They don't understand the Solyndra bankruptcy and all that profited from that and the battery company that developed hi-cap batteries, went broke and now is selling the technology to China.

The fact is, our population has always been mostly drones. There are only a few of us that think about anything more than our next meal, our next sex or our next ballgame.

...very few of us.

We are the 3% and on 1% of the 3% rule the earth because about 1% of the 3% are psychopaths that don't care about anyone in the world except them.

The other 99% of the 3% have compassion and we don't feel its right to continually rob the earth (and the drones).

The makeup of society is becoming more and more settled into this trend.

97% Drones
2.9% Thinking, hardworking people (like most of you)
.1% Psychopathic Elite

If you thought all this control was about something more honorable or complex than cash, you would be wrong. They don't care about your safety, your survival or your health. They care about the labor you produce (and its subsequent conversion to fiat currency) and then they figure out a way to get it to themselves. Call it "laundering" if you want. They need your approval and they do it by calling it the aformentioned code words.

Even "assistance" is code. Its "booty" or "stolen goods" or "fencing". They steal your property (the fruits of your labor) via the code word called "taxes" then they launder it through Solyndra schemes and then they spend it.

Anybody that is surprised by this and doesn't believe it is a drone.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 895485

...oh, and by the way, if they don't get your approval in some way, there is a thing called Agenda 21 thats coming.

For those that don't understand or know about Agenda 21, I recommend "The Hunger Games" series of books by Suzanne Collins. Agenda 21, plain and simple. The movie doesn't really get into it as much as the books.

The Hunger Games is where we are headed when we wake up, or should I say, if we don't wake up soon enough.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 895485

The Hunger Games (books, I never watch the movies and am always disappointed if I do) are already here.

We don't have tracker-jacker venom, but we do have protein uptake regulator drugs that can be used effectively to create some memories and wipe out others. Just one example.

I read those books and said "yes this is the truth NOW."
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