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Message Subject Why do you have a problem with people receiving GOV assistants but not corporations?
Poster Handle Manu-Koelbren
Post Content

We're overpopulated in the sense that there's more people than we can work to provide for. For instance, if we wanted to give a 1st world, middle class life to every person in this world, the 7 billion of them, we wouldn't have enough resources. And in the meantime the less developed, poorer and more ignorant peoples of this world keep breeding at high rates. We're not heading to any utopia following this path, we're heading for more conflict.
 Quoting: Manu-Koelbren

Man you have really done some mental gymnastics to come up with that one.


Maybe you should kill yourself and set the example, Mr. Eugenicist.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27305279

Well I am setting the example, I am not having any children, in the mean time I see all kinds of darkies around here with 5 or 6 children each and then they claim they're poor and oppressed. Well, can't they keep their genitals in check?
 Quoting: Manu-Koelbren

While you scold them, they end up with the kids and you don't. When you pay school taxes it goes to pay for their schooling.

They don't have to keep their genitals in check. They know you'll pay for the results. And I'll pay. The thing to do is to somehow cut them off. This will be hard on the kids, well lots of things are hard and how many future scientists and engineers were there anyway? I'd betcha zero.

It can be hard to impose the right incentives, but it must be done. I am interested in hearing of better solutions, as well as incentives are not corrupted. Still listening ...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27304459

How can we cut them off if the majority of the people of the west are stupid enough to argue for this stupid system to go on? our folk have been brainwashed so thoroughly that they're commiting suicide, there's nothing I can do anymore. LEt them have what they want.
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