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Message Subject Why do you have a problem with people receiving GOV assistants but not corporations?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Any real conservative has problems with welfare for anyone, be it for certain groups of people or big corporations/banks. I only skimmed the first page but some people still think big oil companies get subsidies from the US government. Big oil companies take advantage of tax loopholes to keep more of their own money, which does not equate to government giving them taxpayer money (therefore, it isn't a subsidy).

The problem with welfare is that it encourages laziness and steals from others. The best welfare program is a good paying job and to get one of those you need either a college education or special skill set that is desired by the market. America needs to get back to being the land of opportunity. If we didn't have so many regulations and high levels of taxation, jobs would come flooding back in to America.

If we didn't have so much government spending (welfare, warfare, useless alphabet agencies) we could have much lower taxes and people would be more generous with their money, because they would get to keep more of what they earned, instead of having their money confiscated by the government that wastes taxpayer money on bad business models, bombing children in the middle east and giving bankers bonuses.
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