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Message Subject Why do you have a problem with people receiving GOV assistants but not corporations?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Human secularism has been jammed down our throats for the last 40 years because the boomers did not like having religion jammed down their throat when growing up. They also rebeled against the "chores" like keeping up a home/farm and especially the "chore" of having a full time nurturer for children in a monogamous two parent household.

Ending the tax code is the first step. (not taxes themselves, just the absurd set of rules fueled by coke and hookers on K-Street D.C.)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26480717

1) Uh, we are a secular government because the Founding Fathers set it up that way. The Protestants were escaping religious persecution, the colonies grew with changing tides of religion based on splits within the Protestant church. There were Jewish and Atheist communities as well, though the latter was only a couple that never really thrived. They weren't called Atheist either, though the real name escapes me at the moment.
My point here is that by the time the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were drawn, there were several religious communities and not one was held above the other. As time has gone on, however, threats against the specific Christian values at the time have been made and yet surprisingly, by the next generation, the issue was forgotten and society had moved on.
It is financially impossible for a household to have one parent at home full time. My husband and I barely squeak by. We are both in college at the moment so that we can get hired for slightly higher than minimum wage jobs. The GOP had the office for 8 years and ran this country into ruin (as well as Clinton's housing decision in the '90's); the Democrats have had the White House for only 4 and have mucked it up horribly as well.
We had a chance to make a change and we will again in 4 more years. The whole government is what is running the country into the ground, the Senate and the Congress.
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