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Dear Republicans

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 27168536
United States
11/08/2012 05:34 AM
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Dear Republicans
Shut up about abortion already.

(written by a 19 y/o female college student)

dear republicans,

i'm gonna let you in on a little secret. many many many people, especially college age girls, vote according to this one issue. if you want to be even considered for the college vote, which would have turned the tables in this election, you have to support abortion / birth control, or at least keep your mouth shut about it.

i agree abortion is morally wrong, i would never do it and yeah it's wrong i could write a book about all the reasons it is immoral. but bad-mouthing it, in any way, turns into a war on women. i know it's ridiculous. but you're not building any bridges by shoving it down these sorority girls throats that you're gonna shut it down, you're just fueling the fire. let these bitches get their damn abortions, who freaking cares! same goes for gay marriage. let them get married, let the states take care of it, quit freaking preaching about it because that's all they hear, and then they dismiss whatever else you say without even listening.

it is a fact that most college guys don't even vote, the college vote and young vote is mostly women. i don't know the exact statistic but the young voters are overwhelmingly women. so, you have to put yourself in the shoes of the 19 year old college girl. every stereotype you think is true is basically true.
#1 they are overly dramatic and irrational.
#2 they are incredibly insecure and embrace the gang mentality of joining sororities and thinking like a group.
#3 they all think they are very smart. so when their mind is made up on something, they are right.
#4 they love gay men and all have a "gay boyfriend". so they are very passionate about marriage equality.
#5 all sorority girls vote. they are pressured into voting and told who to for. there is always an odd-one-out, who is apathetic or supports a different candidate, and she gets jumped on by all others in the sorority and has to put up with political arguments and condescending rants on a daily basis. then friendships even disintegrate, she is no longer carpooling or invited to lunches events parties etc. i could go on but you get the idea, catty bitches just get a reason to gang up on you. crazy right? but so true!
#6 most college professors are extreme leftists and super passionate about politics. especially english professors and any other liberal arts professors that have nothing to do with political science or government. most sorority girls are elementary education majors or other liberal arts majors. so you see they are perfect bedmates! after class, before, and during class for that matter our professors loooove to preach political crap or at least make snarky comments.
#7 99.9% of female professors are feminists who reinforce the 'war on women' agenda.

personally i don't care either way, about abortions or birth control or gay marriage. as an economics major the only thing i listen to is who is fixing the economy and who is keeping us secure. the social issues to me are an afterthought. BUT YOU GODDAMN REPUBLICANS BRING YOUR SOCIAL ISSUES FRONT AND CENTER. AND THE DEMOCRATS EXPLOIT YOU FOR IT. YOU SET YOURSELVES UP EVERY TIME! think of it this way. fine, let america go crazy with abortions, let them get their free damn birth control pills, at least it could save money considering many of those would-be children would be on government assistance, right? would this scenario really ruin the usa? i'm just trying to put a positive spin on it for you. and gay marriage, let it go, it's happening. after gay marriage is legal gay people might actually listen to other political issues as well.

the sad fact is young people vote according to simple passionate things. it is very easy to form an opinion on social issues like abortion and gay marriage. so most young people vote according to these social issues. it's stressful to think about more complex issues like the economy because there is no simple solution, no simple right or wrong. so the young people stay fixated on these social issues. the second you denounce those things, they tune you out and are not hearing about what you say about the economy, libya, medicare, obamacare, social security, etc etc etc.

is it against your religion? it's pretty much against all religions. so what. you can still be against it, just say that you are morally against it but you are not going to interfere with laws about it because you want to commit all your time and energy to bigger issues such as the economy. or something along those lines. you would be surprised with how many people would then listen to what else you had to say.

**all romney had to do was say that he would not interfere with women's issues of aboriton and birth control, he would leave that control to the states, and he wanted to be known as the president who fixed the economy not the president who meddled in women's issues. and he would be president right now.**

i hope my insider info has opened your eyes a bit. like i said, i disagree with it too, but for godsakes, shut the fuck up about it if you want people to listen to the other shit you have to say.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1528473
United States
11/08/2012 05:51 AM
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Re: Dear Republicans
Saying you are against abortion is one thing, but saying that legitimate rapes will not result in a pregnancy because the woman's body "shuts down", is just plain stupid. Nobody is going to vote for stupid.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 22108680
New Zealand
11/08/2012 06:08 AM
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Re: Dear Republicans
Dear Republicans,

Stink one bro.