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Message Subject White Identity: The Cultural Hijacking of America
Poster Handle Artlicious
Post Content
This is ridiculous. It all assumes that non-whites want/need different things than whites.
Everyone needs a job, everyone wants freedom. I don't see the problem.

America is nothing without the melting pot.
 Quoting: -GooGooFlexy-

Lol don't be naive, there is no melting pot in America just lots of exploited Mexican people doing horrible jobs with no respect and lots of black people in the prison industrial complex....Whites rule everything in America

by the way the melting pot and multicultural crap is just a myth to stop blacks and mexicans from revolting
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1302314

So you are catagorizing born and raised black Americans with Mexicans that migrated to the US?

And you don't even mention people who immigrated Asia, Africa, Europe, Canada, South America... etc.. But then your "Mexican" comment probably covers all people from Central and South America for you doesn't it?

Drop the hate and educate!!!
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