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Message Subject White Identity: The Cultural Hijacking of America
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I believe it is a Jewish scheme. Most of the liberal shit head Jews are atheists, or satanic callabists, and communists.

They like to identify themselves with other minorities and hate whites with a passion. They blame all whites for the Nazis.

They have infiltrated our Hollywood, our music industry, our banking, so they have steered our entire society into the sewer.

They are the ones that have destroyed our nation.

I'm not saying ALL Jews are evil. The ones that actually still believe in God are probably not as bad. It's the liberal, atheists, Kabbalistic ones that are.

I always wondered why they are called "The Synagogue of Satan" in the book of Revelation. Now I know...and this si coming from someone who always supported Israel, and abhorred what happened in Nazi Germany...but I can't get past the facts. When tracing down the source of our societies demise, you always run back to Hollywood, Communists, Bankers, and lots of Jewish names.

There's a lot of Satanists involved in the illuminati and the secret societies too.

Evil is as Evil does.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26635722

Really you think it's jews??? You think like Hitler...do you know that Hitler wanted to eliminate the people of Eastern Europe after he put the jews in the camps?

There is no stoping hate..once it starts it cannot be constrained to only one set of people..

so let us say that somehow there are no jews in the world than people like you would still find somebody else to hate and so on and so forth..until you exterminate everybody who is different from you..
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