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Message Subject White Identity: The Cultural Hijacking of America
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
We are talking about cultures here, right? Not races?
The blending of cultures.

Far far too late for any of that stuff! - the last chance the white races had of taking control of the world were the Nazis, (following the lead of the early American progressives).

Now the progressives aka the 'Dems' and RHINOS - seem to be playing a devils advocate position (or are they?) - where they profess to be the champion of the minorities, because it is their only route to political power, (whilst actually creating Detroitsvilles all over America)

What are the rich white satanic elites really up to? - and are they in fact being played by the 4D entitiies who they have made their devils bargain with?

Once the US goes down the toilet:

You could have the muslims taking over the world - by demographics alone - or maybe the Chinese if they decide to flex some muscle.

Multicultural progressive NWO - probably with whites and Jews being exterminated.

............but why the f**k would they do that!?

Depending on how they play it, they could also precipitate a giant civil/race/jihadi war - with the minorities being exterminated..........................with the elites emerging from their underground cities to assume leadership of the survivors.

The last one sounds far more in keeping with the elites than any other scheme - basically the Albert Pike scenario.
 Quoting: JBG 27296946

 Quoting: Adamic Seed nli 27234025

The only scenario that makes sense from the standpoint of the elites is the Albert pike scenario - where the minorities, muslims, liberals, eco freaks etc are all just dupes used to collapse the world.

However the elites are controlled by whatever entities
they made their devils bargain with - and what sort of outcome suits them is another matter - probably a global caliphate!

As for cultural assimilation and race mixing:

When the Aeon Sophia 'fell' into the material realms - her awareness got scrambled and dissociated, spread out across the entire spectrum ie earth based (Gaian)- to cosmic based (archons)

The whole story of organic life has been the knitting together of the lost fragments of Sophia - the final part is the human race - Africans are it seems the natural children of Sophia - only they needed some tweaks to be able to hold the more difficult to integrate cosmic archon frequencies - ie the white debil, yellow debil.

So final stage from the Sophias angle is the intermixing of the races to incorporate her whole spectrum into one being.

smart monkey + archons = Messiah = job done.

The elites of course made their devils bargain with the recalcitrant Archon frequencies.
 Quoting: JBG 27296946

we dont need to bother with your sophia blather or other sophistrie.
The facts are clear and available to anyone that can read with an open mind.
The izzy and muzzie theologies and theocracies are essentially identical since the latter was copied from the former. They are both exclusive imperialist theocracies, they are both entitled to rule the planet against the wishes of others, and both assume that the rest of the world should either serve them or be exterminated.
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