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Message Subject White Identity: The Cultural Hijacking of America
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I've read through all the hate replies.
Its immature to use the Red Indian vs White man story to justify the destruction of White America.
Know this:
Humanity benefits greatly from cultural identities that are preserved intact. What it means is that the greatest benefit for mankind or any species comes from the rapid progress that one can make when one's native community is secure strong and powerful. Multi-culturism will always drag you down. This is the way Nature works. This is what is ideal.

And just so you know: read the real history of America. It was not the White man who decimated the native Indian population. It was the great plague. Do your research.

To those who are hell bent on taking over another nation via covert means, you will only meet destruction and strife. This destruction will come from your own hands.
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