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Message Subject White Identity: The Cultural Hijacking of America
Poster Handle I think, therefore I'm wh
Post Content
"Most the idea of ethnic equality cheating with the promise that ethnic peers would care for each other."

The race breed vocabulary and terms belong to the commercial cattle market and the criteria used there shouldn't leave this area.

What seduces some frictions at site that are different traditions, different jokes about how to solve problems and deal with resources.

Your fun is not my fun. This usually is a war announcement value.

A crisis between traditions and cultures is laid out.

The progressive way out of such a crisis ponders on the fact at first named. All are victims of the capital game. Let's fight together against this enemy of no race. Be tolerant. The others are just other betrayed sisters and brothers.

The way to the fire takes the second turn. Holding up, for instance, nothing is worse and tardy than the way the others deal with woman, sex, God, money or the alphabet.

But there is a lack of resources as well laid out. That makes to be tolerant difficult.

Inciting a fight for the right solution in the matter about the right way how to deal with woman, sex and God andandand, what a fight about the lack of resources would prevent.

War and obscenities then will do the melting procedure at a level that works for all the cultures.
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