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Earth is still far from the perfection of heaven

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 27297464
11/08/2012 07:36 AM
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Earth is still far from the perfection of heaven
"We all have obligations towards our family, our friends, and society, and it is essential that we fulfil them as conscientiously as possible. But in reality our duties are not limited to those here on earth. We also have obligations towards the divine world, and nothing can justify those who refuse to recognise them. Despite their morality and their virtue, those who neglect heaven eliminate from their life everything that can bring them inspiration, illumination, and immortality. There exists a higher morality, a morality which teaches that it is insufficient to be in tune with the laws of earth and of society, because the earth is still far from the perfection of heaven. So we must ceaselessly seek to attune ourselves with heaven and fulfil all our duties towards it. When we succeed in this, we realise that we have within us the best conditions for fulfilling our duties on earth."