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Message Subject UPDATED!!!! BREAKING NEWS!!! Alan West wants ballots, voting machines impounded "Disturbing Irregularities"
Poster Handle TraderRob
Post Content
Allen West is wasting his time and resources. He lost the election and nothing is worse than a poor sport!
 Quoting: avanti.pensatore

There is nothing wrong with him challenging the outcome... not going to hurt anyone. These boardds of elections -- are government run and they can be influenced... even in subtle ways.

For example... in most states, you appear on the ballot in the order your name is drawn from a hat. It is well known, the the first names on the ballot for some offices get more votes -- simply because they are first. The person voting does not know who to vote for -- or doesn't care -- and simply selects the first name.

I have run for office 5 times. Five times my name has been put in a hat along with my opponents. Five times, my name has been the last one in the hat. What are the odds?

Now the last two times, I requested to be present when the names were drawn from the hat... and both times, I was given bad information and was not present when my race was in the hat... what are the odds?

I was also the anti-establishment candidate -- conservative -- and HATED by a majority in my county. No one in the county election office would of had a problem making sure I was last on the list.

In the two elections where there were a number of candidates and the first TWO were elected -- I lost. The three others, I had an opponent but I worked so hard at getting my name out that I won anyway. I had major name recognition -- my opponents did not campaign at all.
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