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Message Subject UPDATED!!!! BREAKING NEWS!!! Alan West wants ballots, voting machines impounded "Disturbing Irregularities"
Poster Handle Eagle # 1
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WOW ! He calls a spade a spade ! We need a lot more like him, and THAT is WHY they 'cocked the count' to oust him !

Of course it WON'T happen, because they would find the machines WERE fixed, and the counts fraudulent !

That might bring the WHOLE Bammy election down around their ears.

My thought was .... as Israel owned firm, was giving the results from the Atlanta, Georgia that IS responsible for the final tallies, to AVOID riots/problems with a Bammy loss, there would be a challenge to the entire election that would drag out for a couple of months, raising the boiling point SLOWLY, to avoid a reason for the blacks to riot !


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