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Message Subject UPDATED!!!! BREAKING NEWS!!! Alan West wants ballots, voting machines impounded "Disturbing Irregularities"
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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i know a lot of people that think the voting is rigged, but honestly i know a lot of people that like obama for reasons that dont actually exist and when the republicans were fighting for the nomination i knew NOBODY that liked Romney. all im saying is more people liked obama personally(not JUST because he was democrat) than romney, who only had votes from republicans that didnt have a choice. if ron paul received the nomination we would have a republican in office...its your own fault you lost
 Quoting: IvantZtrooth

i disagree, all my friends, with the exception of 2 people hate obama. I didn't see one obama sign in our town. In the fall I traveled from New England down to Kentucky, and made a point to watch for political yard signs. I would say 98 percent of the signs I saw were for Romney.
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