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Message Subject Military absentee votes mysteriously delayed, sent back to Afghanistan, then dumped overboard before delivery...a day late
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It would not have mattered. Obama was not going to lose.

People would not get behind Romney.

It took forever for me to warm up to him and I think he is a good man..

Christians wouldn't vote for mormons....

Blacks won't vote for whites

Hispanics want their free shit.

Gays don't like the GOP

Women are selfish and voted for themselves instead of what is good for the country.

And then the Ron Paul crowd was pissed off.

And many people are just sick and tired of the bickering and the two party system and simply refused to vote.

Thing is, when you help torpedo a boat that you are on, you still sink.

We all sink or swim together. By not choosing, you still made a choice.

And your choice put a Muslim in the whitehouse that is anti American.

And your choice will still have you paying more taxes and higher health care premiums. And health care taxes and higher electricity.

So suck it up.
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