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Message Subject Military absentee votes mysteriously delayed, sent back to Afghanistan, then dumped overboard before delivery...a day late
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
He ordered them to vote 8 months ago. He did not say for who, only said they must vote.

The Admiral probably knew Obummer would play dirty and his way to help was ensure those under his command actually voted.

This excuse making it BS is twisted. The fact is the high up democrats are happy but cautious because they know what they did. Damage control will be in full swing, think about it.

Anyone discrediting this is automatically suspect.
 Quoting: --Voltaic--

Hahaha...and you are still sucking up the joke story? Did you even look at the website it came from? It's all military humor stories.

Don't you understand? The quote was "“I expected a delay so I ordered that everyone cast their votes eight months ago." But there weren't any ballots eight months ago cause there were no candidates nominated until the conventions three months ago.

But if you still want to go on facts, even though the story is really funny,:

Now consider:

1. There were not enough absentee ballots shipped out. Even if ALL of them voted Romney and ALL of them were lost, it would not have made a difference.

2. There is no "Read Admiral John Dawes", the source quoted in the story. Try googling the name yourself.

3. The USS Kearsarge has not been the Gulf since May 2011, when she returned to port at Norfolk.

Think about it. You're one of those suckers who always goes for April Fools jokes, and everyone laughs at you, aren't you?

Sheesh...what a tool.
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