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Message Subject McDonald's Sales Crumble All Around The World!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I always thought McDonalds had a bad buisness model.

When you think of unhealthy fast food, McDonalds is ALWAYS the biggest and first to come to mind. Been that way for 25 years or so.

So burger king isn't as bad in the public eye, generally less older people eating at McDonalds and people waking up and trying to be healthier among other things drives their sales down.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1779676

a friend of mine manages one right off I-95 in holly'weird' fl and he told me that there is ALWAYS somebody at the drive thru window 24/7 so that doesn't sound like 'sales are crumbling' to me...

McDonalds is food for the poor and God knows there are enough poor people in this country.
 Quoting: thetrickybigguy

At $5 a meal, I find that hard to believe. That they are poor. That's $10 a day for just two meals. I can find something at home to whip up to feed 2 people a day for that money. If it involves pasta or rice, I can feed more than that.
I hear everyday about people who spend about $700 a month on food from eating out everyday. That's crazy! What's even more crazy is they then complain about being broke. Well, learn to cook dammit! You can cut that food bill in half.
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