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Message Subject McDonald's Sales Crumble All Around The World!!!
Poster Handle notgonna
Post Content
McD has raised their prices too much too quickly...

A happy meal now costs what an adult value meal used to cost and and adult meal can now be obtained for just a little less what a decent burger at Chili's would be... And now a whole lot more expensive than home prep, even with high food prices.

I can't stand McD, so I'm not crying but it used to be cheaper to feed your kids there than home - that was the draw... Who the heck would feed their kids more expensive crap? Even lazy mothers would feel a little twing of knowing that's not right... Heck, a lunchable's cheaper and healthier than that stuff...

We are getting back to the era of prior mid-60's where economically, the family unit acting like a family unit (dinner at home around the table, 1 decent income versus 2 people working 2 crap jobs, 1 car, family game night & movie night at home, guaranteed sex as a date night) is the more economically feasible option... Between gas prices, food prices, entertainment prices etc, it just makes more sense....

Maybe a silver lining to this mess... Bring the family back, bring the country back... Self over family is at the crux of how we got into this mess to begin with. I can't stand Obama but really, he was elected because we first walked down the primrose path of many before him...

Btw - don't jump on me - I still believe in the single life if that's what you choose but if you chose family then you have chosen self-sacrifice, so get your head out of your butt and deal with it... Raising healthy, happy kids is THE only job you have - if in order to do that you have to figure out how to love your fat spouse or deal with the jerk laying next to you, then do it...

And no I didn't get off topic. McDonald's has helped destroy the American family in their own way, so I'm very on topic...
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