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Message Subject McDonald's Sales Crumble All Around The World!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
They have this weird salty flavor, (msg? maybe?) that makes you pack on the pounds, I literally will gain unexplained weight after just one meal at Mcdonalds,

Ive tasted this strange flavor in all those instant bowl noodles and cup of noodles you see the poor and the immigrants buying cases of at Walmart.

The summer I got hooked on instant bowl noodles when I was getting desk work done, I gained 20 lbs ! And still reeling from the shock, costs me hundreds of dollars having to buy new clothes..

And I had to swear off buying that crap again, so I can lose the weight.

Are you sure it was the ramen noodles that made you gain weight? How much xbox did you play during that time? How many times did you run around the block or get any kind of physical activity?
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