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Message Subject Marc Faber: "Obama is a DISASTER for the economy"
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
published the day after the "election", Nov 7:
Fake market Dow Jones will lose 5% within minutes - ethnic civil war script

Illuminati once again postponed the official start of the supervised ethnic civil war programming the voting machines to multiply by 11 not by 12 the RMoney "votes".
So "Obama" is "reelected" with so far 59,7 against 57,1 million "votes" for RMoney.
But unlike the last time they changed the "election" script in 2008, they do not postpone the supervised ethnic civil war for years but only for days.
Each day now "Obama" will detonate, including "Obama" acting again as "Bin Laden in an Afghanistan cave" video to prove that "Obama" lied about "Osama"s death.
One of the detonations programmed for Nov 7: staging a crash in the fake Dow Jones "market" (1) within 10 minutes, as it will open.

(1) The King of Fake Markets was recomputed first by Last Prophet
[link to www.google.com]
For the record:

At the end of the day:
not -5%, only -2.36%.
Now, does this prove Last Prophet to be a false prophet?

Answer: NO.
[link to end-times-prophet.blogspot.com]

But make no mistake, until "Obama" is officially accused the fake stock market will continue to drop.
Immediately after "Obama" is "arrested", it will go up.
It will all end BEFORE the collapse of banks, shortly after the illuminati launch ethnic civil war.
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