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Message Subject new poster here cause I think you might find this interesting
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I have been trying to wrap my head around this all night. I cannot figure it out. The thought crossed my mind of some sort of police state, but it is too bold of a move. I am convinced that this is intended for Syria. I have tried talking about it to some people this morning, but they are more pissed about the over time than where the rounds are going. I cant see Obama doing anything about Iran, or lifting one finger for Israel. This leaves Syria first....or us second.
 Quoting: soilent green

Obama will never attack syria he knows russia would kick his ass... besides Putin is his buddy! Im telling you this is for the USA! Read about the 7 headed beast going to war with the saints... the saints are not syria... the bible clearly states this... this if for the police state... I guarantee obama is training foreign fighters to fly helicopters somewhere in the US.
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