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Message Subject new poster here cause I think you might find this interesting
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Those are anti-tank rounds. Prolly not going to use them in America, unless they plan to use them on America cars.

Before the US invades another country, you can always tell ahead of time because military material start getting staged. They do this even before the invasion is "sold" to the American people and before there is any concrete proof of a need.

Right after I left the Air Force, I had a buddy who was a C-17 load master and he gave me a heads up on massive staging before 9/11 had even happened.

Uh, meaning, that he was sending material to the middle east for Afghanistan invasion before they pulled the switch on the WTC.... hah, cynical lol.

But, when I was in the AF, I was told YEARS before Iraq II and 9/11 that we were going back no matter what. That if there was no good excuse, we would MAKE a good excuse.

It was decades in the planning because it was meant to accomplish many goals: Oil pipeline to the Caspian Sea, control of the opium poppies, presence to control more middle east and north African countries latter, FASCIST CONTROL of the American people, and a general increase in the plausibility of the "terrorist threat."

It really shocks me how asleep so many of you are. You are awake about some facets of the control conspiracy, but you are utterly blind to so many others.
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