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Message Subject new poster here cause I think you might find this interesting
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I live in north central Wisconsin. Located not too far away from my area is an ammunition factory. The factory makes the 30mm shell casings for the Apache gunships. The company had a huge order pending the elections. If Romney did win the elections the order was going to be cancelled. If Obama won the order would go through. I heard this info around town and last night, heard the grumblings of overtime through out the Thanksgiving season. I believe that the move to do something in Syria is right around the corner. The reason I think that it is Syria is because Romney would have helped Israel with Iran. It sure as hell cant be Afghanistan, cause no matter who won the election those rounds would still go to Afghanistan.
I am just passing this along, Obama is up to something and this has me concerned.
 Quoting: soilent green

And the reason OP can not name the munitions factory or the town where it is located?? There are no munitions factories in Wisconson. This is about as dumb as: I was sitting in a bar last night near the atomic bomb factory in North Dakota and I pverheard a guy, who said he was the plutonium floor manager, and he said if Obama gets re-elected, they are going to have to add another shift.

Made up story, and poor reporting....
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