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Message Subject JUST-IN: Obama Backs UN Gun-Control Treaty Superceding 2nd Amendment. UN Plotting to Take Over Internet
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
A treaty can never supersede the constitution... but apathy would certainly allow it to become an accepted practice.

If you do not vigorously defend your sovereignty it will be taken from you.. bad things happen when good men do nothing.
 Quoting: ..|O_o|.. 10463447

The individual states used to think that all power was relegated to them and only a small portion was delegated to the federal union. They quickly discovered that this was not so when they tried to secede in the 1860's.

Likewise, individual nations my now envision themselves as soveriegn states while only delegating a small portion of their power to the U.N. by treaty, but in time this will prover to shift as it becomes more and more clear that the U.N. is the true seat of power and authority over the affairs of nations. Then the nations will become no more independent of world government or each other than one state in the union is independent of another today. The trend of time is for one world government and it is continuing further everyday.
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